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Germany is a well-loved destination for tourists and travellers from around the world. The country can be enjoyed for either a short-term stay, or for longer, more extensive stays.

As well, globalization has created an environment where more and more people are travelling abroad for work. A great many of the people working in Germany are often visited by family members from their home countries.

Even retirees, who spend their twilight years abroad, return regularly to Germany to visit their families.

Whatever the case may be, everyone who visits Germany or the EU needs health insurance that is recognized by the host country and is valid for the entire length of stay.

Eligible group

Foreign visitors who are in Germany for up to 5 years are eligible to be covered under a travel health insurance plan when they have a residence permit of not longer than 1 year at a time, or (as in the case of longer residence permits) when they have their permanent place of residence outside of Germany (§195 3 VVG).

Legal basics about health insurance for guests in Germany

Everyone who lives in Germany is subject to mandatory health insurance coverage. This applies to visitors to Germany as well, even if for a limited amount of time. Even people who have German citizenship or who are citizens of another EU country, but have their residence in another country, must be able to prove existing insurance coverage.

If a residence permit is applied for, the immigration office will check to see if the existing health insurance coverage is adequate. Many government offices each have their own list of requirements for what qualifies as adequate health insurance coverage. It is the responsibility of each respective insurer to confirm what the requirements of each office is. Unfortunately, there is no uniform procedure here.

You can find detailed information in the following law: §2 Aufenthaltsgesetz (3) §5SGB V

Insurance advice

Foreign visitors in Germany can get coverage through a travel health insurance plan, although there exists vastly different products and plans to choose from. Also, whether the traveller travelled on a visa, and how long the traveller intends to stay in Germany are factors that come into play when choosing the right plan for you.

International health insurance offers financial security against treatment costs which can come about because of a sudden illness, or as the result of an accident during a stay in a foreign country. We recommend the insurance coverage plans offered by our partner Care Concept AG. This specialist for travel health insurance offers optimal insurance coverage from as little as €0.85 per day when, for example, travelling under a visa and with a stay of up to 92 days.

If no visa for travel is required or if a longer stay is planned, then Care Concept AG offers individual health insurance coverage solutions for short-, medium- and long-term stays.

If you wish, you can get additional liability and accident insurance from Care Concept AG as well – the obtainment of which is also a good idea. Personal liability insurance offers protection from bodily injury, property damage and deportation costs, while accident insurance protects against risks such as disability and death.

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